Addressing Physical to Digital Convergence in an Evolving World

The momentum behind the convergence of historically distinct and separate domains illuminates the importance of seeking to implement robust security to protect highly valued assets that are In many instances delivering essential global services.

The stakes in the game of outmaneuvering the adversary to protect Operational Technology Critical infrastructure (OTCI) have never been higher as the attack surface expands due to increased adoption of IP for business efficiency. Operational technology security products and services aim to protect existing and evolving OT for industrial and commercial critical infrastructure systems. Security and risk management leaders should gauge the market state and direction, and understand the types of OT security providers in the market.

Fortinet developed and markets an OTCI environmental solution that is based upon the integration of Fortinet’s Security Fabric. This global responsibility entails Fortinet enabling the integration of a scalable technology to ensure the safety, protection, visibility, and control of all these critical infrastructure systems. Mr. Peters will discuss the digital and security transformation that has taken place due to IT/OT convergence that resulted in OT systems fusing with corporate IT systems.

The audience will also get a cybersecurity architectural glimpse of how these systems are protected by Fortinet’s Security Fabric.