Project EnergyShield - hacking the power grid as a research method

EnergyShield is an H2020 project that captures the needs of Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES) operators and combines the latest technologies for vulnerability assessment, supervision and protection to draft a defensive toolkit.

The project promotes an integrative approach based on the information exchanged by the various tools to predict future attacks and deploy intelligent algorithms. EnergyShield toolkit will combine the latest technologies for vulnerability assessment (automated threat modelling), monitoring & protection (anomaly detection and DDoS mitigation) and learning & sharing (security information and event management).

The toolkit will be implemented with the support of end-users representing all parts of the EPES value chain (generator, TSO, DSO, aggregator, consumer) who will contribute to the specification, prototyping and demonstration phases of the project.

The project results will be tested in two pilot sites. Bulgaria proposes a city-level online demonstrator that will study the cascading effects of cyber attacks throughout the electric grid value chain, and analyze cyber security risks related to the cyber supply chain. Similarly, Italy promotesasmall scale offline demonstrator focusing on DSO infrastructures that builds a dedicated, offline testing area on one of the network control sub-systems where a cyber attack will be simulated.

In order to test if the suggested toolkit works ethical hacking of the systems will be conducted.

Robert will also describe and demonstrate two previous hacking activities; a car dongle and a robot vacuum cleaner with camera and microphone.

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