CS3STHLM App and Honey Pot Competition


When the conference opens for the 5th consecutive year participants can download an app with agenda, presentations of speakers, and the possibility of partaking in polls, give direct response to seminars, lectures and questions asked from stage. This also means a channel for newsflashes, changes in the program and messages from conference management. You find the app in usual app stores.


Mikael Vingaard, (DK), invites all participants to a competition to find Honey Pots: Can you spot the honey-pot(s) @ the ICS Lab? - challenge yourself and find the honey-pot(s) hidden - submit your findings and win a prize!

“Spot the Honey-pot” - The rules of engagement;

Competition starts 24.oct Wednesday at 10.00 am and ends Thursday at 14.30.

The winner will be announced during the closing session, and need to be in the audience during the closing session. Use whatever tools (e.g. telnet, nmap, PLCscan etc) to find the honeypot(s), we have placed @ the ICS Lab industrial networks! Be a good ICS neighbor, don’t try to change the configuration on anything, DDOS’ing or otherwise break stuff on purpose - or in any way make the competition harder for your fellow contesters.

You may work together as a team, but only one prize is rewarded.

To keep things interesting, we will change the Honeypot environment, during the whole CS3sthlm conference. There might be many honey-pots hidden - and not only on one single ICS networks - so do remember to look at ICS_Lab network 1 to 4. In case, that several contesters gets the same (correct) reply - there will be a drawing, to find the winner.

To participate, do send an email with the following to stockholm@defenica.com before Thursday 14.30 :

a) Your name

b) time of your research - aka. the date+ Hour as we will dynamically change the honeypot(s) during CS3.

C) IP’s of the honeypots you have spotted - do remember to write on what ICS_LAB network it was found, e.g. IP x.x.x.x on ICS network 4 + IP z.y.y.y on ICS network 2

GPDR stuff; the information collected during “Spot the Honeypot” will only be used for this competition.

May the best honey-pot spotter win :-)

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