CS3STHLM 2020 - Thank You!

CS3STHLM Thank You

Thank You!

The CS3STHLM of 2020 is over, and a reflection is that the virtual event went even better than we could hope for. The basis of CS3STHLM is the content, and we are familliar with that part – but everything else in the event production was new to us!

From the organizing side of CS3STHLM, we would like to express our warmest gratitude to everyone involved in making this years Summit, Expo and Sessions such a success! We would like to give a big shoutout to all content providers and speakers, trainers - without you the event would not have been possible, and it was a honour to work with you! Special thanks goes out to our partners: Accenture Security, Darktrace, Kaspersky, Recorded Future, Sectra, sysctl, Trend Micro, Waterfall Security Solutions and also to the crews at Dynamic Duo, WeareBryssel, Scenteknik, Nikka systems, and all staff at Nalen.

As a content provider - we have already opened the cfp@cs3sthlm.se for submissions to the 2021 event!

If you have critics, comments or ideas for enhancements we would like to hear from you. Everything that can make CS3STHLM even better we would like to know! Mail us at info@cs3sthlm.se

If you have ideas for topics, presenters, content, areas of special interest, things that earns a deep dive, please reach out to us at info@cs3sthlm.se.

Your input is important to us.

And once again – thank you!

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