CS3STHLM Newsletter May 2021

To all friends of CS3STHLM

It is with great sadness we communicate the cancellation of the 2021 CS3STHLM.

Like many others worldwide, we are going through a challenging period during this period of pandemic and that affects business as well as private issues. Due to the challenges of arranging a global conference in a time of a global pandemic, we have decided that there is missing basis for what we aim to do.

For those of you who want to support our mission of keeping up the knowledge-sharing, we recommend digging into our video-on-demand material available here: https://vod.cs3sthlm.com/product/cs3sthlm-2020-video-on-demand/

To all alumni and friends - take care in the pandemic and continue to protect all control systems!

The whole CS3Sthlm crew

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