World Class

The fall of CODESYS

Alexander Nochvay

Applying the Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering method on a Facility for a Successful Attack

Andreas Erdich Jens Wiesner

Tales from Industrial Plants and Responders.

Christian Augustat Mona Lange

Automotive DoIP and forensic analysis for automotive systems

Christopher Corbett Kevin Gomez Buquerin

curl - the world's most used software component?

Daniel Stenberg

EU STRIKE3 project

Didrik Ehrenborg

Security Testing for ICS Owners 2.0

Dieter Sarrazyn

It WISN't Me: Attacking Industrial Wireless Mesh Networks (part II)

Erwin Paternotte Mattijs van Ommeren

Broken Rungs: A look at popular ladder logic runtime privileges

Jimmy Wylie Reid Wightman

Digital Forensics and ICS: Why and how?

Jonathan Jogenfors

Secure your MES the bridge between IT and OT

Khalid Ansari

IT vs. OT: We are Much More Similar than We are Different. Comparing Process Control Room and SOC operations

Marina Krotofil

Fuzz Testing IEC 61850

Markus Mahrla

Project RunAway

Matan Dobrushin Yoav Flint Rosenfeld

Nation-State Supply Chain Attacks for Dummies and You Too

Monta Elkins

SCADApocalypse Now 4.0?

Nicklas Keijser

CVSS for ICS; Gauging a tennis game with number of goals

Prasanna N

Building a distributed and robust time synchronisation service

Ragnar Sundblad

Demystifying TSCM or how to spot the witch doctor doing the raindance

Richard Widh

Ultra responsible disclosure – or how to deal with a 0-day in critical infrastructure

Rikard Bodforss

Layered Blueprints – an ontology and method for (talking about) engineering OT Security

Sarah Fluchs

How we reverse-engineered multiple industrial radio remote-control systems

Stephen Hilt

Memory Forensics and DMA Attacks with MemProcFS and PCILeech

Ulf Frisk