How to create a risk-based future-proof zone model

The presentation will cover a walk-through of how we have combined best practices for securing OT and IT environments, general and sector specific standards and guidance as well as the much-debated Purdue model into a future-oriented flexible and scalable zone model for a multinational and multisite company.

The presentation will cover:

  • Why the tools and traditional zone models are outgrown
  • What a zone model for today and the future must be able to handle
  • The concepts we use to bridge the gap between flexibility and security
  • What the zone model covers, and how it relates to other security areas and the total security posture
  • How we look on implementation of the zone model for both present installations and when designing new solutions
  • Lessons learned – so far!

Takeaways/what you will learn:

The presentation will give a practical example of how you can go about when combining high security solutions with current industry trends related to connectivity in a common zone model that spans both IT and OT. The concepts described will provide a basis for organizations with high security requirements to develop their zone models in order to be better suited for managing increased digitalization, something that ought to be on every company’s agenda that has adopted digitalization in their strategy.

Target audience:

Everyone interested in an example of how to be able to utilize the latest industry trends within digitalization while operating environments with both sensitive information and security sensitive operations under regulation.

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