CS3STHLM Summary of 2018 Event


This years edition of CS3STHLM presented an Expo Day as well as an extended interaction between participants and panelists. 10 students from Norway and Sweden were invited to take part of a challenge which resulted in two students from Norway and Sweden winning a reward.

Spot The Honey Pot was a challenge initiated by Mikael Vingaard (DK) for participants to find Honey Pots within the ICS networks, won by Matan Dobrushin from Otorio.

Key Note Speaker on Thursday, Patrick Miller (US), praised the summit for not just high quality content, but also great production, great atmosphere and great venue.

The founders of CS3STHLM, Robert Malmgren and Erik Johansson, thanked the 200 some participants, speakers, panelists and crew and rounded up the 2018 summit with a poll for Speaker of The Year, and this years winners are Erwin Kooi and Rick van Hees with their presentation The good, the bad and the segmented.

CS3STLHM 2019 will take place at Nalen in Stockholm October 21-24

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